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Starting fresh in a new apartment

Are you looking for house fittings to beautify your new flat? E Z Apartments Dubai has a solution for you. We are offering property services, including; furniture renting, decorating, and selling furnishings at affordable prices. You can visit our offices in Dubai to hire our services, or you can contact us online for more details.

Why E Z Apartments Dubai?

E Z Apartments has experience in decorating your home and giving it a fresh new look. Also, we assist you in maintaining your home structural well-being, by providing you with inspirational ideas, and excellent craftsmanship.

Our mission is to providing high-quality services to people desiring to make; their house, a home; an office, magnificent surroundings to work; and an event, the most extraordinary festivity. All our renting furniture are insured, and you can have confidence when hiring our services.

The E Z team is empowered to provide a remarkable customer experience, by paying attention to every detail, learning and delivering exceptional quality goods and services to our clients. Moreover, we respect our client’s needs, and ambitions because we understand that, a clientele’s satisfaction is a high measure of success in any organisation.

Services Available at E Z Apartments Dubai

Selling furniture: In E Z Apartments, we are selling all variety of furniture, including; beds, sofa beds, cabinets, office equipment and kitchen fittings. When you purchase our furnishings, we offer delivery services to various your destinations, whether to your offices or at home. Why move your old tables and chairs to a modernistic home, while we at E Z, can sell new and high-quality fixtures, which will suit to your new flat. Besides, we sell other furniture such as electronics and accessories, which will make your home decor and fashionable.

Office rental services: Buying furniture sometimes can be costly to most people, and that’s why at E Z Apartments, we have come with an alternative for you. We are renting fittings, whether it is for a start-up office or for finishing a running place of work. We have rented furniture to over 500 organisations, and our services are convenient as we deliver the furniture to your workplace.

Student furniture rental services: Most students ask themselves why they should hire furniture while joining college. The reason is, when you hire our equipment, it makes moving to the institution accessible because you will avoid high transportation costs in moving your furniture from home to school. When you hire E Z Apartments, we will deliver the furniture, and set them up for you in your residence. Still, after you finish schooling, we will collect the furnishings, an advantage for you as you will not incur expenses such as storage, moving costs or hiring someone else to manage the properties for you.

Home furnishings rental services: When you are moving to a new home, your permanent furniture may take a longer time before they are brought to you, therefore, the need to hire urgent furniture for your apartment. E Z Apartments will rent the furniture to you while waiting for the arrival of your decorations, however, before you hire, you will have to ascertain the probable duration when you will require lend seats and tables.

Besides, when you relocate to a place for a short period, for instance during summer, or to a new city, you can hire the E Z Apartments furniture at a cost-effective price.

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