Living in the heartlands vs living in the central business districts

Everyone has a different taste of what they want in life. Some people like peaceful and quite environments, while some people can’t live without the night life and the hustle bustle of the big cities. Having a preference for any one of these lifestyles isn’t a negative point – you’re entitled to live the way you want to live. There are advantages and disadvantages of living in both areas, and you’ll need to put those into consideration before you should make a final decision about where you want to live.


Whether you call them, suburbs or the heartlands, you know what areas they are. They make up the bulk of the residency areas of the city and are expansions of what the city originally was. Heartlands have a lot of population as per norm, but generally, don’t have any high rise buildings. There are usually amenities like parks, swimming pools and gyms around those areas, and are perfect for living in.


Central Business Districts

The city itself, as we know it; all the tall apartment buildings can be found here. You’ll have traffic all the time, and the atmosphere won’t be as open as you’ll find it in the heartlands. However, the amenities which are available in the heartlands can be found here with relative ease. You won’t have to struggle to find anything in the city as there are so many outlets here.

Pros and cons

  1. The general atmosphere

If you’re a fan of the open sky and love to be outdoors with the wind blowing in your face and greenery everywhere, then you’ll find yourself a lot happier in heartlands. Central business districts are just that: business districts. While they may be able to accommodate people living there without any difficulties, living isn’t as comfortable there as it might be in the suburbs

  1. Family

If you’re a family person, then living in the suburban areas might be a lot more beneficial for you. First off, it can be a lot more cost efficient. Living in the city is affordable for couples or single people. However, the space required for maintaining a family in the city can come with a hefty price tag. You’ll be a lot better off living in the heartlands if you have a family with you. On the other hand, if you don’t have a family, living in the city might not be such a bad idea.

  1. Your career

If your career is in the city, and you need to be there quite often and are late due to the traffic or travel distance from the heartlands to the city, then you should consider living in the city. You’ll be much more efficient living in the central business district. However, if you’re married with kids, then you’ll just have to put up with the traffic because you can’t simply live away from your family due to this issue.

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