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A Guide for Choosing the Best Loft Ladder for Your Home

Having access to every part of the home makes it a convenient place to live. At times, we may even need to consider the storage that is available and for this, many of us use the loft. In order to access this part of the home, a loft ladder is often necessary. It provides easy access to the storage space but using a ladder should never be considered when you are inhabiting that part of the home. It is only for temporary access to the loft when it is used for storage purposes. Tyrone Attic Stairs have a large selection of loft ladders and attic stairs to suit all house styles and budgets.

Most people feel as if purchasing a loft ladder and installing it in the home is going to be an easy choice. The fact of the matter is, however, there are so many different options available that it requires careful planning in advance. The following are some considerations that can help you to choose the proper loft ladder for your needs. It not only covers the size and style that is available, it also considers the convenience and safety that they provide as well.

The first step in the process is to assess your specific needs. All of the dimensions should be measured carefully and this not only includes the distance from the floor to the loft, it includes the available space in the loft where the ladder will be stored. In addition, you may be using the loft ladder on a frequent basis if you constantly need to take things in and out of storage. In some households, however, it is an item that will only be used infrequently.

During the measuring process, you may find that the distance from the floor to the ceiling is considerably smaller than the storage space for the ladder that you have in the loft. That is where some of the different options may come in handy. For example, many loft ladders will either have multiple sections that slide together or they will fold into a smaller area than when they are fully extended. This option is something that needs to be considered carefully and you may find that the sliding option is not only the most convenient, it is also the sturdiest and safest option available as well.

The two basic types of loft ladders are Concertina and sliding. Most homes in the UK will be able to use a sliding loft ladder quite easily and you may find that this is the most convenient option for use and for installation. In some cases, however, you may be dealing with an extremely limited space and for this reason, concertina loft ladders may be considered. Since they don’t require much storage or clearance, you can use them when the space is very limited.

One other option is a timber folding loft ladder and this is perhaps one of the more popular choices. When you choose a high-quality timber ladder, you will find that it folds easily and when it is opened, it offers you a significant amount of stability and security.

The material of the loft ladder needs to be considered carefully. Aluminum is lightweight and when it is manufactured properly, it can be an excellent choice. As was mentioned, most people go with wood but it really depends on your own preferences. In either case, when you choose a high-quality ladder, it will provide you with convenient and secure access to the loft.

Choosing loft ladders is not something that should be taken lightly. It is an important part of the home and one that will give you access to an area where you can store some of your more valuable items.

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