Finding an Experienced Knowledgeable Builder

With the help of your qualified home builder, you can now occupy the site to erect your building, once the building permit has been obtained. You will have an expert who will manage all the works. Reliable professional, you can trust him to take charge of the entire construction. The fieldwork will begin with the construction stage. The professional digger of your home builder will take care of the delimitation and excavation of your land. Earthworks, digging trenches and wells, etc. This ground preparation work will be done carefully with your experienced partner.



Once the ground is ready to welcome the construction, it’s time to go to big works. These refer to important work on the frame of the house. The intervention of a professional is essential, because the durability of the house rests on the perfect realization of the big works. Your home builder will be there for the elevation of the foundations, the cleansing of the ground, the bases and the pavement. The construction of the walls and the roof is also part of the big construction work.


Then, it will be necessary to take care of the frame. This must be solid: it will serve as support for the roof. Depending on the advice of your qualified builder, and also your budget, a wood or metal frame will be installed on your home. The construction professional will install the zinguerie and the insulation with the roof for the “out of water” of your house.


Once done, you can proceed to the exterior joinery. With your reliable partner, you can choose together the right door and window models for the building. This step requires the intervention of an experienced individual: his advice will be required, as the choice will impact the brightness and insulation of the interior of the house.


The company Pristine areas we cover is a partner of choice if you plan to build a timber frame house. This experienced company can accompany you throughout your project.


The reception of the new house happens once its construction and finish are completed. This is the last stage of the construction of the house. It consists of verifying that everything has been done in the standards and has followed the construction plan and the budget established at the beginning of the project. The reception of the house must be carried out by you and the experienced builder who has taken care of the work.


After the big works come the second works. These are the works that have no impact on the strength of the house. They consist mainly of interior work, such as partitioning and insulation, wall and floor coverings, electrical installation, painting. The finishing works come next after. These are the interior decoration works. You can do them alone, but the intervention of your qualified partner could still be useful. The latter will know which color of decoration is better to bring out the brightness of the room, what furniture to arrange and how to place them, etc.


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