choosing an electric fire

Choosing an electric fire

How to Choose the Right Size Electric Fireplace

There are several reasons for opting to heat your home with an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces offer many of the same advantages of a traditional fireplace but with considerably less mess, reduced energy consumption and a vast array of different designs.

When you’re shopping around for the best electric fireplace for your living space, how do you know which type to choose? How large should you fireplace be? There are numerous factors to think about prior to deciding on a unit. Let’s think about the factors involved, such as the operation of the various types of electric models, how it is installed and taking into account the importance of size, as well as the decor and style of your property.

How Do Electric Fireplaces Operate? 

It may not be a surprise, but electric fireplaces operate by connecting them to a power outlet in your home, typically after you put it all together which is usually a very simple process. The electrical power is what powers the lights, which are themselves designed to appear as real, dancing flames.

The other key component of electrical fireplaces is the heating unit that radiates the heat used to warm you and your home. Even though the fireplace itself often looks like a real wood or coal burning fire, it doesn’t utilise flames or emit any dangerous gases. A huge safety benefit of electrical units is that they remain cool to the touch, making them extremely safe for family homes. This also means they are incredibly easy to maintain and clean and can be operated from the comfort of your sofa with the use of a remote control.

Where Can you Install it?

If you’re shopping around for a fireplace, it goes without saying that you need to think of a suitable place to locate it in your home. Do you want it in your bedroom? Or your living room? Do you want one to heat up a single room or zone? Or do you want an electric fireplace to heat your entire property?

As soon as you’ve determined where you would like your fire to go, you ought to think of the size of the area and measure it. Deciding on the room you want to have your electric fire will help you determine exactly which model will meet your needs. If you are considering having one in your main living space, then it’s typical to have it in the centre or as a the main focus.

Size is Important

When looking around for a new fireplace, it’s crucial you don’t underestimate the importance of size – of both your fireplace unit and the space it has to fill in your room. If you choose a small fireplace, it might not produce enough heat to keep your space as warm as you’d like, especially throughout the winter months. Equally, larger fireplaces often produce more heat, which may be suitable for those looking to heat up larger room or even their entire house. Very small electric fireplaces may be most suitable for heating up small zones in your house such as bedrooms.

Another important consideration is to check that the place in your home you want to house the fireplace as adequate electrical supply to power the heater. This is largely dependent on the size of your fireplace, sometimes it is required to hire an electrician to come and install an independent circuit solely for the fireplace. If you’re not sure on this, consider consulting a sparky in your local area and always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines.

 Style of Fireplace

Another key factor to choosing the right fireplace is the style and design. Today, there is a vast array of different models to choose from, you just need to take into account your personal tastes and the decor and architecture of your home. When choosing your fireplace, remember to bear in mind the space you plan to house it in your property, always measure the space you want to install it. By being extra cautious and taking your time you are more likely to end up with a unit that will last you and your family a long time.

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