About Us

There is a great deal of clients in Dubai who require their flat to be clean or furniture to be cleaned, French polished or painted. There are even some clients that require their apartment to be house sat for an amount of time. We supply very much what is known as the full package.

This is a very strong client base; there are some wealthy residents living in Dubai, mostly on a temporary basis, with money to spend on these practices. A top booking website lists 1,514 properties which can be hired. With its tropical desert climate Dubai and a mixture of skyscrapers and the traditional souks (bazaars), one which even dedicated to the selling gold, it is an ideal place for those with higher incomes to relax.

It is quite a competitive market in Dubai as regards cleaning, but we at EZ apartments believe our specific skills stand out. There is a notable difference in price in hiring a part-time maid and a full-time maid, obviously, a full-time maid earns better money, but you may wish to become a part-time one.

Should you move to Dubai, you may wish to learn about the processes of how to handle your money, such as how to transfer money abroad. You may also be looking into finding somewhere to rent.

We do look more favourably towards people who have had experience in this field, especially given the nature of our clients, but it is always worth contacting us to learn more details about our services.